Expert Facilitation

In coming together as a group, people can often achieve more than they think they can to exploit an organisation’s opportunities or overcome its wickedest challenges.

To achieve this, the seeds of great ideas stand a far better chance of taking root with support from an impartial, external individual to marshal the discussion and output process. It also enables all stakeholders to be ‘hands free’ to participate and think, rather than be distracted by running the event.

Facilitating meetings, seminars and conferences is an area where Align successfully supports diverse groups of stakeholders - with differing needs and varied experiences - to create consensus and a plan that means they can move confidently forward to action.

Our philosophy regarding facilitation
We believe that the facilitator is both the servant of the group, as well as the guardian of the process. This means that the facilitator is responsible for keeping three elements in equilibrium during the event

Each INDIVIDUAL feels listened-to, respected and valued
The TEAM as a whole feel supported, kept on-track and enabled to work effectively together as one team for the day
The TASK itself (meeting the aims and objectives for the event) is achieved in the time-frame.

The task of the facilitator is to safeguard the rights and needs of these 3 elements, so that none is compromised by one or two of the other elements becoming too dominant within the mix of this finely balanced chemistry

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