New programme – ‘Communicating with influence and persuasion’

We've had great feedback and a request to deliver re-runs of our brand new "Communicating with Persuasion and Influence" for a major City Council. The format was developed in a series of 14 'bite sized' learnings of approximately 15 minutes each to address emergent learning styles and keep the format flowing and engaging.

Here's a brief outline of what the day provided:

Course objectives:

As organisational structures flatten, so the need to exert influence over individuals and teams over whom we have no direct authority becomes an increasingly vital skill in enabling managers to successfully deliver their remit.

In this highly interactive workshop, delegates will explore and develop some more advanced communication and strategic influencing abilities. They will learn to use new tools and techniques to make practical and relevant changes to their approach and get the results they're looking for. As a result of this workshop delegates will:
  • Be able to adopt a more structured and planned approach to achieve effective influencing in a wide range of situations, where you are seeking to change attitudes and behaviours.
  • Understand and work with resistance so that you can minimise the problems it can cause.
  • Develop a wider range of skills to successfully influence and sell ideas to peers, manager and reporting teams.
Who would benefit from this programme?
  • Managers who are looking to get genuine support and buy-in for change from their teams.
  • Managers facing passive or overt resistance to change initiatives
  • Managers responsible for developing and managing complex and influential relationships within an organisation.
  • Managers  who already have some theoretical and practical understanding of communications skills who want to take their understanding of planning and delivering effective and compelling communication to more advanced level
Course overview

The course is broken into 14 individual topics: each a powerful tool or technique in itself to help develop your persuasion and influence skills in situations where you are managing without direct authority.

You will learn to use 14 separate tools and techniques which are practical, actionable and immediately usable and useful to enable you to become a more powerful and successful influencer and persuader, in both positive situations and challenging situations. Includes ‘gems’ like:
  • Building rapport where there isn’t any to begin with
  • Handling challenging questions
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Managing a briefing when the news isn’t positive
  • Using a number of entirely ethical and positive principles of influence that will enhance your skill levels tomorrow and forever.

“Great course. What I liked was that you could leave the training room and put these ideas into immediate action…..and they really work!”

– Senior Delegate


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