Organisational Culture

Identifying and Developing Your Organisational Vision & Values
Overall objective:
To be able to clearly articulate your organisation vision, values and mission statements. Why they exist and what purpose they serve.

Learning objectives:
  • Diagnostics: reviewing current culture
  • The purpose and structure of the vision
  • The purpose and structure of your values
  • The purpose and structure of your mission
  • Crystallise what your employees and your customers should hear, feel and see as a result of delivering on these organisational promises
  • Techniques for embedding Vision & Values with employees
  • How do you measure impact and progress on the journey?

A variety of case studies and examples, pertinent to your sector, will also support learning and bring theory to life!
This programme can provide a group of individuals with a clear road-map for undertaking this journey  or can actually help a team start to write their vision, values and mission statements together
Delivering Our Promises: Living Our Vision & Values
A workshop which can be crafted for delivery at all levels

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand our vision and values and what they mean
  • Why vision and values matter. How do they benefit our customers and how do they benefit me? (What’s in it for me?)
  • How does my role link to the vision: understanding my contribution to the bigger picture
  • What will they look and feel like delivered?
  • What I can do to deliver the values in my role
Change Leadership Skills
Learning objectives:
  • Understand how change affects people  and what that might mean within your team
  • Support you teams through change
  • Build mental toughness in yourself and others
  • Deal and cope with the fallout from change
  • Maintain focus and productivity in yourself and your team
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“Amanda guided our cultural change programme with vision and inspired us a great deal. The overall programme she developed was comprehensive and grounded in reality and practicality, making it easy to implement and subsequently replicable in-house.”
HR Director, High St Retailer
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