What They Say

Feedback is the lifeblood of our business - guiding and supporting us to deliver our most effective and meaningful outcomes. Below is a small sample of the feedback received, to give you a clearer sense of what working with Align would be like.

Executive Coaching
"I found the sessions with Amanda were extremely helpful in terms of pinning me down on the actual problem and supporting me to find the solutions. It was also the wrap-up and review process which encouraged me to make changes or tackle issues. I would also say that for me, working with Amanda lifted my morale and gave me my enthusiasm back."
"It was a great experience being coached by Amanda and my team, manager and peers have noticed and mentioned a number of positive differences in my style and approach in recent months."
"I can't thank you enough for the fantastic support you have given xx and of course xx. The coaching support you have provided for them has made such a difference and really helped them both to flourish in their new roles."
“Amanda is great coach who had good understanding of my situation and adapted accordingly. The challenge, support and insightfulness she brought to each session was always of great value. Thank you!"
Leadership development programmes
"All of us were absolutely delighted to see the universal praise for the course. Well done to you." - L&D Manager, major City Council
"Just wanted to thank you for a brilliant course on Thursday. It is amazing to begin to put into practice: simple - but very effective!" - Senior Manager NHS Ambulance Services
"Series of great practical value and an excellent trainer. I think the fact that she is not a librarian actually helped, because she was able to bring a more challenging approach. Many thanks. An interesting event. Good to meet colleagues from further afield to share views / experiences." - Head of Service - Library and Knowledge Sector
"Excellent trainer, course hand-outs good, even though there was homework to do, it was well worth doing." - Divisional Director NHS Foundation Trust
"Good mixture of teaching and active participation. Very practical and useful course." - Programme Lead, Education Sector
"This was the most useful training course I have ever attended - it was rooted in the "real world" and it was focused. Sessions were adapted to the needs of the group, as the training developed and the training was well-paced, challenging and enjoyable. Thank you very much! " - Post Graduate Researcher, Higher Education
Thank you very much. The training was outstanding - the most useful course I have been on for a long time-  Head of Service, Local Govt
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